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My grandmother, Anne B., is certainly GRAND! As a spunky almost 80-year- old, she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time. Having fought and slayed this monster twice, she was ready to dig in her heels and defeat if for its third and final strike, with her unwavering faith in God, indomitable spirit and her family fully behind and beside her! We learned of Thair For You through Maryanne McCormack, a friend of mine I was blessed to meet a few years ago. Maryanne was so excited to tell me about the Thair For You Foundation and explained how easy it was to get my precious grandmother what she needed at that moment, a big boost of self confidence! We arrived at our appointment and met the stylist, Sarah, a vibrant young woman with a compassionate heart, who would be helping my beautiful grandma at this most important time! After discussions and looking through the wig catalog, the fun began. Sarah carefully cut Grandma’s thinning hair into a really hip and fun, very short style so that as it continued to thin and fall out it wouldn’t be as bad for her. After that, the wig modeling began! What a riot! She tried several different styles and colors and then picked the one that brought the most joy to her face when she tried it on! Something totally NOT her, but super fun!!!! When we were leaving the store, several people stopped to tell her how great she looked and wished her well in her fight! The managers of the store even asked to take her picture like a model with special lighting and backdrop! She felt like a movie star!!! As we left the salon that day we both had smiles on our faces and a bounce in our step! It was such a gift for me to watch this beautiful woman find some happiness and joy in this process!


We cannot thank Maryanne, Sarah, the staff of Memorial City Visible Changes and Thair For You Foundation and its supporters enough for allowing this incredible woman this most special moment in this battle!